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Thundercall Open Beta Giveaway

Thundercall Open Beta Giveaway

Thundercall is a new browser-based fantasy MMORPG from R2Games, coming this April, with a vast world to explore. Players will get the freedom to evolve their character class as they see fit, join guilds, explore the world, participate in PVP, take down massive bosses, it’s all easily approachable for players new and experienced with browser MMOs. Assume the role of a powerful hero, and fight to save your beloved kingdom from falling into darkness.

As Thundercall enters Open Beta today, we have joined forces with R2Games to bring you some fancy free New Player packs which will give you a fantastic headstart on your new adventures!

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What You Get From the Thundercall Open Beta Giveaway

  • Goddess Tear x 5
  • Satchel x 3
  • 1 Rose x 5
  • Gold x 100,000
  • Crystal x 50,000


Sign Up to MMOGames to Claim Your Key

  1. Register to our website.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. Once it’s verified, head on over to the ‘Giveaway’ section and claim your free key!


How To Redeem Your Free Code

1. Register for Thundercall to play the game and then log in.

2. Click the ‘Rewards Hall’ icon at the top of the screen.


3. Choose the ‘Activation Code’ option.


4. Paste in your New Player Code and click ‘Exchange’.


5. The gift will be delivered to your inventory right away.



  • Each account can only collect 1 code.
  • Codes are to be redeemed in game.
  • Each code can only be used once.


*This is a limited key giveaway and it will run as long as there are codes available. If you have any issues, please contact us.

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