Wild Terra 8.26 Tweaks Mining and Animals

Resources in a sandbox MMO are one of the hotter commodities, but Wild Terra 8.26 thinks that mining ore should become a little more important. The latest update to the game has introduced changes to mining, made several tweaks to creatures, and a variety of other adjustments.

wild terra 8.26

Iron ore will now be accessible in mines located throughout the Disputed Lands of Wild Terra every 25 hours. Combined with the ability to use siege weapons at any time in the area and a slightly reduced rate of iron ore found through the world, the update hopes to make iron ore more valuable and the process of gathering ore more exciting.

Critters in the world will also see several changes, with four different “gradations” or difficulty levels assigned to animals. Aggressive animals are also becoming stronger, but resources from carcasses will also raise depending on the combat level of the slain animal.

There are also adjustments being made to Skinning, heavy armor, and starter sets offered to new players. You can check out the patch notes for the latest update here.

Our Thoughts

The battle for resources in Wild Terra could certainly get more interesting with this new update; making iron ore mostly available in the Disputed Lands has the potential to make PvP and coordinating supply a lot more impactful. We’re interested to see how these changes will affect the sandbox.

Source: Steam

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