War Thunder Details the Chronicles of World War II Event

As we near the 72nd anniversary of Victory Day, the devs of War Thunder are commemorating history in their own way with the Chronicles of World War II event. The four-week-long series of in-game events will mark various historic battles and offer players a variety of unique rewards.

chronicles of world war ii event

From now until May 10th, daily recreations of battles that raged through World War II will be available in-game, both on land and in the air. The event spans across multiple theaters of war including the USSR, Africa, Europe, and the Pacific Islands. All events occur in chronological order right up to the final battles playing out on May 9th and 10th.

Participants in the event will earn Chronicle Awards for performing a variety of selected tasks such as destroying a set amount of enemy vehicles. Once players have completed up to six of these tasks, unique vehicles will be awarded such as the U.S. PV-2D attack aircraft and the Soviet version of Britain’s Matilda tank. After 11 tasks, players can earn the A33 Excelsior British heavy assault tank and an anti-tank version of the Soviet Yak-3T.

A calendar of battles in War Thunder can be found on the game’s official site.

Our Thoughts

This is certainly one of the more involved ways to mark world history. The battles of World War II are certainly the stuff of legends, and we hope that players of War Thunder will both enjoy the recreations of events while also taking a moment to bear in mind the reality of the war.

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