Overwatch’s Orisa Launch Date Announced

After spending some time on the game’s PTR, we now have an official Orisa launch date by way of a new video sharing the evolution and design behind the character and what she brings to the FPS.

orisa launch date

Orisa’s design springs from the desire to create a new “anchor tank” as was discussed previously when the character was first introduced and meshes the concept of Zarya with Bastion’s minigun in terms of her overall actions. The character is projected to be a major addition to the lineup, with the devs stating her ability to change the way matches play out and her skills offering high functionality.

In other Overwatch news, game director Jeff Kaplan held an AMA on Reddit, where he offered a variety of responses to the game’s community. Of note; Lucio is looking to get some tweaks to make him feel more engaging to play, Winston is due for some careful buffing, and the ability to gift people loot boxes is a feature that is being worked on. You can check out the complete AMA here.

As for Orisa, she will go live to the game on March 21st. You can check out the full video discussing her design and creation below.

Our Thoughts

It’s easy to see how Orisa could become a major fixture in team comps in Overwatch considering her array of skills. With several powers to lead the charge of combat or hold the line in defense, this could become an incredibly valuable addition to the tanker lineup of the game. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing how she plays and what Overwatch fans will do with her at release!

Your Thoughts

Have you had some hands-on time with Orisa during PTR? What are your impressions? Do you think she’ll really provide that much of a shake-up to the game? Give us your thoughts below in the comments.

Sources: YouTube, Reddit via PCGamesN

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