League of Legends PBE 7.9 Has Tank Updates and Dark Star Details

The latest update to the popular MOBA’s testing environment has a lot to chew on, but the most interesting parts of PBE 7.9 are focused on changes to three of the game’s tanks and information on a previously teased new game mode.

pbe 7.9

The new game mode, Dark Star, was most recently teased by the LoL Twitter with a short video. The newest data from the game’s PBE mentions that the mode will have teams of players all taking up the role of Dark Star Thresh, with the objective of pulling or pushing enemies into a vacuum opened in the middle of the map. The Dark Star mode is currently not playable on the PBE.

What is available, however, are a variety of changes made to Moakai, Sejuani, and Zac as part of the Midseason update. While the tank changes were previewed in a developer blog post, the current PBE data offers a few more hard numbers.

pbe 7.9

Sejuani’s Permafrost will now passively let nearby allies apply Frost stacks to enemies when the use their basic attacks, and her Fury of the North passive will grant her Frost Armor that increases her defense and makes her immune to slows if she is undamaged for 15 seconds.

Moakai is seeing a complete revamp of his Ultimate, which summons a wave of advancing brambles that root enemies it hits.

Finally, Zac’s Stretching Strike will now affect multiple targets, with the first attack latching onto an enemy and a second attack sticking on to another nearby foe and slamming the two together.

PBE 7.9 will also be making big changes to the Rift Herald, and has currently included new skins for several Champions. You can check out the full summary here.

Our Thoughts

There is a lot of information to digest here, but the big takeaways are likely involved with clearer identities for Zac, Moakai, and Sejuani. It will be interesting to see how these midseason adjustments will affect the greater game.

Source: Surrender at 20

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