LawBreakers Closed Beta Test Leaps into Action

Now is the time to hop back into the low-grav battle arena of the LawBreakers closed beta test! The new build of the game previewed at this year’s PAX East adds new maps, three new character roles, and several other features.

lawbreakers closed beta test

The newly released LawBreakers build has introduced the new Battle Medic, Juggernaut, and Gunslinger classes, and has also added two new maps in the form of Mammoth and Station. As one would expect, many other refinements and improvements have been added since the game’s alpha test, including in-game achievements, a balance pass on the original roles and gameplay modes, updated HUD and UI elements, and the first pass of what’s being called “skill-based matchmaking”.

LawBreakers will run its first closed beta test from now until Sunday, March 19th. While the current beta test is a short one, those who miss out are still urged to sign up for additional tests that will be scheduled later. Full patch notes for the beta build can be seen here.

Our Thoughts

There is a lot to consider when it comes to this first run of LawBreakers’ beta, not the least of which being the three new roles and how they’ll affect the game overall. We hope that we’re able to get ourselves in sometime soon and see everything that’s changed from alpha to now!

Your Thoughts

Have you signed up for the LawBreakers beta test? Were you impressed with the game during its alpha phase, or would you rather wait until there’s a full release of the game instead? Tell us what you think below in the comments.

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