Escape from Tarkov Test Extends and Expands

Battlestate Games has announced today their intention to further grow the current Escape from Tarkov test. The devs are looking to fill the MMOFPS with more players and test new features being added in the game’s current build.


Escape from Tarkov’s current alpha will introduce a new area and several new systems; a new raid location, a weapons failure and repair system, the ability to form raid groups, and improvements to game physics, optimization and other fixes.

According to the release, those who pre-order the game will have a greater chance of entering the alpha test. Depending upon the package bought, admittance to the test will be higher; for example, those who have the $99.99 Prepare for Escape package will have a 75% higher chance of getting in to the test, while those who buy the $74.99 Left Behind edition will have a 50% chance of playing.

Our Thoughts

Offering higher chances for alpha test entry based on the amount of pre-order money spent is a dubious practice, but then people still buy in to early access titles and other founder’s packs, so we can’t really fault Battlestate Games for tapping a market. Business practices aside, we are curious about how this MMOFPS plays.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about the idea of placing certain buyers ahead of the queue to the game’s alpha test? Does this affect your interest, or would you rather wait until the game’s NDA lifts and more information is available? Tell us in the comments.

Source: press release

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