Dates for Dota 2’s The International 7 Regional Qualifiers Confirmed

We’re getting closer to one of the eSports world’s biggest contests. Valve has announced the dates for The International 7 regional qualifiers, offering up the first piece of news leading up to what has historically been Dota 2’s richest prize.

the international 7 regional qualifiers

While information on which regions are participating is still not yet confirmed, Valve has announced that the regional qualifiers will take place on Monday, June 26th to Thursday, June 29th. The regional qualifiers are the first leg of competition leading to TI7, with the open qualifiers to follow. Dates for the open qualifiers round are still not set.

The most recent large event coming to Dota 2 eSports, and the final event before The International, is the Kiev Major, which will run from April 27th to the 30th. The contest will feature 16 different teams squaring off in Kiev, Ukraine for a $3M prize pool.

Our Thoughts

And so it begins. The countdown to what is arguably the single largest event in the entire eSports world. We are definitely ready to see some high-level and high-stakes Dota 2 competition, though TI7 will definitely have a high hurdle to clear if it wants to surpass last year.

Source: eSports Pro

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