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Crowfall February Q&A Talks Crafting and Stats

Crafting and numbers were heavy on the minds of Crowfall players if the Crowfall February Q&A is any indication. The short video took questions from the community and addressed matters surrounding nearly all things numerical in the game currently.

The video was hosted by senior designer Mike Halash and design lead Thomas Blair and featured several insights. According to them, the current amount of pips for crafting experimentation is completely arbitrary; more are planned to be added later, and when the game launches, you’ll begin with zero pips.

Blair did mention that the intention with experimentation pips is to not have them completely maxed out. “We don’t want everybody making the exact same item,” said Blair. “Ideally, there’s more to experiment on than you’ll have pips to spend,” continued Halash.

Crafting is also explained as the only way for players to get weapons or armor and not from NPC drops, even if that gear is a tier below crafted items. According to Blair, the intention is to avoid a race between NPC drops and crafted equipment.

On the subject of stats, the team is working on balance on a weekly basis, and Blair and Halash both stressed the importance of players reporting what they find in the forums. It was also explained that crafted Vessels through Necromancy will allow specific stats to be applied, such as high Strength or high Dexterity.

The video itself covers several other questions of a similar nature and can be seen below if you’ve got 12 minutes of free time.

Our Thoughts

We love the idea that gear is specifically tied to crafting only and not to NPC drops. The loot chase is one of the biggest pitfalls of many MMO designs, so we’re ecstatic that Crowfall is binning that design decision. The rest of the video offers some really interesting insight as well, so be sure to check it out!

Your Thoughts

What do you think about Crowfall’s approach to crafting? Do you think this Q&A session was informative? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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