Carbine Studios Job Postings Hint at New Game Project

WildStar is still a thing – an updated thing, even – yet a selection of new Carbine Studios job postings have offered the first hints at the game studio working on a brand new project, with the job titles themselves offering some rudimentary clues.

carbine studios job postings

The job postings are looking for a lead combat designer, a senior concept artist, a senior graphics engineer, and a senior tools engineer. The job posting specifics offer no immediate references to a new game, MMO or otherwise, though the senior tools engineer posting does mention familiarity with Unreal, Unity, and client/server programming as pluses.

There are currently no references to what Carbine Studios is working on otherwise mentioned on their official website.

Our Thoughts

So there’s not a lot of hard information to really pore over here, meaning we can’t really discuss what this news means for WildStar. Still, we’re certainly heartened to know that Carbine is looking at making another game of some kind. Beyond that, we remain very curious to know what Carbine Studios is up to! While we don’t expect to get a lot of information for a while, we still hope to hear some more details on what they have planned within the next few months.

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