Guild Wars 2 The Tyrian Chronicle

The Tyrian Chronicle: A Tribute to Trahearne, Reviving Caladbolg

Players who haven’t finished the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns story or the latest Living World episode should read on with caution.


Spoiler Alert

A new current event has been added with the latest patch, which focuses on Trahearne’s death. Although everyone can participate in these events, there is a part that takes place in the Heart of Thorns areas. His death wasn’t the saddest (Eir’s death hit me hard), but it was the most significant. Trahearne sacrificed himself to kill Mordremoth and save his entire race. I can’t imagine a nobler death and I think it’s very fitting for his personality.

Guild Wars 2 - Trahearne

You’ll see Trahearne once more in one of the visions

When you log in after the patch, you’ll receive a letter asking you to come to the Grove. Warden Leide had constructed a statue of Trahearne, as a tribute to him. It’s located near the entrance of the Grove, so everyone knows what his sacrifice meant to the Sylvari race.

You’ll then be given a message from the Sylvari Ridhais, someone close to Trahearne during the Orr campaign. Caladbolg is her Wyld Hunt. She thought she had to protect its wielder, Trahearne, but after his death she had another interpretation. It seems it is her Wyld Hunt to revive Caladbolg, and you’re going to give her a hand.


Reviving Caladbolg

You need a vision crystal, spiritwood scion and the orb of natural essence. You’ll receive the last two items from scavenger hunt achievements. You’ll be visiting places throughout Tyria that have some kind of connection with the pale tree and her influence on the world. After you have these three items, Ridhais will help you restore Caladbolg to its former glory. You have to remember that Caladbolg was a gift from the Pale Tree. It’s a living thing and these weapons reflect that. The journey that you made to heal Caladbolg sent you to places where nature overcame negative influences. The oases in the wasteland.

Guild Wars 2 - Diessa Plateau

Caladbolg is a special sword. It was a sprout of the pale tree and given to the firstborn Riannoc, the first Sylvari fighter. He is the first one you have to prove your worth to. You’ll find him in the area where you find Caladbolg in the Sylvari path of the personal story.

All the enemies in these events have a break bar, so bring some CC to speed up your fight. Druids work great because of the Staff ranged abilities. The long range weapons are excellent for kiting, avoiding his skills and damaging him while you try to outrun the spawns.

The second challenge is Trahearne. You will fight him in the canopy of Verdant Brink, the same plateau where the patriarch spawns. It’s still pretty much the same fight. If you use the same strategy as before, it’s not too difficult.

Guild Wars 2 - The Artesian Waters

Here you’ll fight the last battle. It’s still one of the most beautiful places in Orr.

The third fight is against yourself because only you know what you’re worth. This fight is set in the well of Orr where Caladbolg cleansed the Orr corruption. Another significant happening in your personal story. The fight with yourself is the last challenge to prove your worthiness to Caladbolg. You’ll have to show that strength comes from within and it shows itself well in adversity. Fighting yourself can be more of a challenge than fighting someone else. If we leave the philosophy behind and look at the fight itself, it’s not any harder than it was before. I fought myself as a ranger and I did notice that she used two ranger skills. Beyond that, I saw the same skills as the other two encounters.


Choose Your Weapon

After you’ve beaten your clone, you will have a chance to choose the weapon of your liking. You can pick from the following weapons:

  • Caladbolg Orchida (greatsword)
  • Caladbolg Solana (dagger)
  • Caladbolg Rosa (sword)
  • Caladbolg Iridi (scepter)
  • Caladbolg Asters (shield)

After choosing your weapon, you’ll unlock the Sword Taxonomy achievement: a small achievement for collecting all the skins. You can do this event on every character that has completed the Heart of Thorns story, no need to play the Living World. That way you’ll have six new ascended weapons. There’s another way that you can unlock all the skins but you’ll only have one ascended weapon. After the server reset (next day), you’ll receive a letter from the mender saying the Pale Tree is doing better and she wants to see you. Afterward you can go back to Ridhais to change the look of your weapon in exchange for unbound magic. You’ll receive Caladbolg Origin as a reward for completing this achievement.

Guild Wars 2 - Pale Tree

The Pale Tree is recovering, but still not like her old self.

This is exactly the kind of content that I adore. It’s a perfect combination of an awesome reward with lore and tie-in to the story of the expansion. There are six new skins we can unlock with the Sylvari theme but are very different from the current Sylvari-themed weapons. These weapons feel very much alive, like part of the pale tree.


Moving Forward

We’ve seen Logan back in action, a tribute to Eir and Trahearne, and we know the Pale Tree is recovering. I hope we’ll see Zojja soon as well; she was badly injured after we saved her. Rumors have been going around that she’s “scrambled” and “drooling.” I do hope we’ll see her return before the end of the Living World Season.

It’ll be about two months before we see what the next episode is bringing. What other events do you think we’ll see? We know Taimi’s busy experimenting setting up the dragons against each other, but there’s still much left to do before the big climax. We still don’t know what Lazarus is doing, although the last episode did give us a hint. Will that be the next episode or will we hear something before that? What do you think will happen in the coming months? And when do you think we’ll see the next episode? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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