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The Tyrian Chronicle: Super Adventure Box 2017

It is that time of year again for Guild Wars 2 players, the Super Adventure Box is open once again! For many, the festival is the highlight of the year. Last year I wasn’t much interested in the festival but this year it feels like a refreshing change of pace even though they haven’t added anything new.

Well, my previous statement wasn’t entirely true. They didn’t add any new content for the Super Adventure Box. But there are plenty of new things that were introduced and they’re the focus of this week’s Tyrian Chronicle.


Gem Store Items

There are a few different new items available in the gem store and thanks to That Shaman’s datamining, we can already see what else is coming out. I won’t be covering anything datamined, you can find it on Reddit however.


Super Cloud Glider

So we have to talk about this glider that isn’t really a glider. If you’re familiar with the Super Adventure Box then you’ll recognize the happy little cloud from the easiest mode of the SAB. It is cute, but it feels out of place. If you could glide in the Super Adventure Box it would be right at home but this is intended for the open world and, you probably guessed it, I’m going to complain about immersion.

Tera is a game that is well known for having random items like tiny police cars, which totally don’t belong in a fantasy setting. This is exactly what I think of when I see the Super Cloud Glider. Being able to make weapons, backpacks, and minis I can easily justify. But why does this glider work? Calling it a glider isn’t even accurate, but there isn’t really a better term to use and it is used in the gliding system. The bright colors and blocky art style on it really clash with Guild Wars 2. I would have been much happier if they had made a glider that looked similar to the weapons you can get from SAB. That would have had the right feel and wouldn’t be immersion breaking at all.



There are two sets of mini trios available on the Black Market. If you combine the original three with a Continue Coin you’ll get the Mini Storm Wizard. That Shaman also datamined a few more minis including the super adorable Mini Super Goat, which I may just have to buy. If I had to guess though, I would say that they’ll be out next week along with some other items that were datamined.


Crimson Weapons

A new set of weapons have been introduced that are in the same style as years gone by, except this year they’re red. These crimson weapons are tied to the Super Adventure Box dailies so getting your dailies in every day will be vital if you’re looking for one of these weapons. I got a pair of pistols in the original blue the first year the SAB was open and I think that’s enough for me. They’ve not really grabbed me since. Though some have pointed out that carrying the red sword can make you into a Sith.


Reward Tracks for WvW and PvP

For the first time there are Super Adventure Box themed Reward Tracks for WvW and PvP. For some reason, they’re what I’m looking forward to most from this update. They aren’t as rewarding as they could be though. The final chest is a normal blue weapon, not an orange one or a red one, which is hugely disappointing. The weapons from the chest are also account bound so you won’t be able to make any money off them, but it’s great if you’re after the collection.

It was my understanding that the reward tracks were meant to be equal, viable options to doing regular content. We can clearly see that isn’t the case with this reward track. Ylvina from Reddit completed the PvP track and got 288 baubles, 9 continue coins, 1 blue SAB weapon and then a bunch of blues and greens. It may not give the most current weapons but I’m still going to do it because I enjoy WvW and having different rewards is fun. I do still believe  that ArenaNet made a mistake in not making the PvP tracks as rewarding as doing the regular PvE content. Many people would rather do the reward tracks than the SAB over and over. This reward track feels like a bit of a punishment for not playing the content.

I’m not suggesting that doing a reward track should reward one of the shiny new red weapons. That would be unfair to people who play the SAB, but some sort of system that allows everyone to earn towards the new weapons at the same rate is the direction that they should have gone in.

Other than that, the Super Adventure Festival hasn’t changed much and we weren’t expecting it to either. They fixed a few bugs, brought out new weapons, and new gem store items. Unfortunately, the festivals won’t be getting any development love except to fix bugs so expect the same things to happen for the other events this year. That Shaman’s datamining shows that there are some fun things coming to the gem store, almost certainly next week as they are Super Adventure Box themed.

I started out this article thinking I was excited about the Super Adventure Box festival, but now that I’ve gone through it all I’m feeling a little bit let down. My immersion is broken, my drive to do WvW has diminished somewhat, and I really can’t be bothered to grind out red weapons.

However, I would love to know your thoughts on the Super Adventure Box! Were you excited about the festival before it released? How do you feel about it now? Are you going to be grinding out the weapons? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, I’m curious what others think about the Super Adventure Box this year.

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