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The Tyrian Chronicle: Who is Lazarus?

We only have a few days now until the release of Flashpoint, the second to last episode of the season. What comes after that? We still don’t know, though all fingers are crossed for word on the next expansion. For now, though, we have Flashpoint and a mystery to solve. Who is Lazarus?

There are a lot of different theories floating around about who Lazarus might be. Some of them are serious; Balthazar, a Dragon Minion, An Elder Dragon. Some aren’t quite as serious; Scarlet, Faren, and Kasmeer’s father who is secretly Faren. We won’t be looking into that last one too deeply considering how we met Kasmeer in Southsun Cove. So let’s get the silly out of the way first.

Who is Lazarus Guild Wars 2: Out of the shadows - Lazarus


Scarlet Briar

Okay, this theory isn’t so much fun as it is an “oh dear god, please no” type of theory. I’m putting it in with the fun ones though because it doesn’t seem very likely. Scarlet Briar was killed during the Battle for Lion’s Arch which is when Mordremoth woke, kicking off the events of Heart of Thorns. Since then there hasn’t been any reason to believe she’s still out in the world somewhere.


Swordsmaster Faren

From the teaser trailer, it seems pretty clear that Lazarus is someone who Kasmeer recognizes. Who better for it to be than Swordsmaster Faren himself? He’s always going around getting himself into trouble so it isn’t too much of a stretch to believe he could have found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe he was a virgin sacrifice for the ritual to bring back Lazarus and now his body is being used to house his weakened spirit. Ok, we don’t believe it either, but it sounds funny!


The Doctor

There is a theory on Reddit that the answer to the question was answered during the teaser trailer. Who is Lazarus. Yes, that’s right, we’re crossing universes and The Doctor is Lazarus. He will only be defeated by offerings of fish sticks and custard. Chef 500 confirmed!


Even though we had that beautiful send off where we got to speak with Trahearne one last time while rebuilding his sword Caladbolg it seems that some just can’t get enough of him. How did it happen? We leave that up to your imagination. If it is him…this won’t end well.



The theory that he is one of the Human gods is a pretty popular one. Of them all, it seems that Balthazar is the most likely. He’s the god of war and is most closely identified with fire which is a theme that was seen throughout the trailer despite there not being any obvious reasons for it to be there.


Queen Jennah

We learned that Queen Jennah is incredibly powerful. She was able to defend all of Divinity’s Reach when the city was under attack by the White Mantle and she was able to kill with a snap of her fingers. She’s not the type of woman you want to cross. It is possible that Queen Jennah knew what the White Mantle were up to and disguised herself as Lazarus to pull the White Mantle into the elder dragon fight, while also dealing a massive blow to Caudicus who previously wanted her dead. This is also the type of reveal that would really shock Kasmeer. This theory could also connect with the Countess Anise and Livia theories as well. So, this is certainly possible, though I’m not sure how likely it is.


Dragon Minion/Elder Dragon

There are a lot of different theories about him being either a dragon minion or an Elder Dragon. Mordremoth is one possibility. At the end of Heart of Thorns, we kill Trahearne to destroy that last little seed of Mordremoth. What if we didn’t though? What if his mind was able to ride the wave of magic as it spread through the jungle? This one seems pretty unlikely though as Arenanet would want to move on from him to deal with other dragons. A high ranking minion of Primordus seems much more likely since “Lazarus” has been seen using fire powers and fire has been a common theme throughout the season. He can’t be Primordus himself though because Taimi would have been able to see that from the dragon lab where she’s been tracking dragon movement.


Palawa Joko

A lot of recent leaks about the expansion, as well as the leaks from That_Shaman, give credence to the idea that it may be Palawa Joko who is going around pretending to be Lazarus. There doesn’t seem to be much evidence in game supporting this theory and you have to ask what his motives might be. For those who may not know, Palawa Joko is the undead ruler of Elona. Current leaks and theories point towards us going to a desert setting and That_Shaman has released images that make it look like we may be able to play undead people in the future. But again, we come back to reason. Why would Palawa Joko pose as Lazarus? What is the motivation there?

Guild Wars - Palawa Joko concept art

There are also a few minor theories that don’t seem to be quite as likely. For instance, Lazarus is actually himself, just not completely him and maybe that part that made him a bad guy was missing. Kasmeer is Lazarus. I’m not even sure how you’d explain that one. Other theories involve the floating wizard’s castle, The Mad King, and even Glint’s baby daddy. But again, let’s not think too much on that last one.

Here are my favorites:

  1. Balthazar or any Human God, though Balthazar seems most likely.
  2. Palawa Joko. I like it as a way to bring Elona into the game but I do admit it seems a bit weak.
  3. Dragon Minion. Either he is another dragon minion gone rogue or his master is hoping that the people of the world will help him defeat the other dragons, leaving him the last and therefore the most powerful of them all.


Who do you think Lazarus is? I’d love to hear your theories in the comments.


One last thing before we end, if you haven’t seen it already there was an amazing live concert in Seattle recently where they had the Evergreen Philharmonic Orchestra performing music from Heart of Thorns. The video is up on Youtube now, so check it out!

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