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PAX East 2017 Final Fantasy XIV Q&A

Final Fantasy XIV players have questions and the PAX East 2017 Final Fantasy XIV Q&A session was there to offer up a few answers. Producer Naoki Yoshida gathered questions from the event’s audience as well as questions from a “cheap bag” drawn from the game’s community. Here’s the paraphrased play-by-play.

pax east 2017 final fantasy xiv q&a

With the upcoming changes to cross-class skills, what will happen to healer DPS?
Removing the DPS capabilities of the healer classes would make far too many people angry, so there are no plans on removing DPS potential in spite of the combat update. But don’t forget to heal your team!

When will restrictions for current raids like Dun Scaith be lifted?
The weekly lockout for earning gear in the current raids will be lifted soon.

Did Doma and Ala Mhigo fall because nobody was tanking?
After a round of applause from the audience, Yoshida mentioned that it’s possible the two regions fell due to their ability to only attack, so everyone from Eorzea should help as tanks and healers.

When will we be getting goggles like the Scions of the Seventh Dawn?
After expressing surprise at the request, it was mentioned that the goggles could arrive to the game someday.

What improvements are planned for the White Mage class in order for it to become more viable?
We’ll do our best to make it happen; “Please trust me”.

Will there be ways for characters who are Eternal Bonded to celebrate anniversaries or Valentine’s Day in-game?
Things of that nature are actually in the works and could arrive in 4.1 or 4.2.

With the adjustments to combat, what will be done to streamline crafting classes?
With the rise of the game’s level cap in Stormblood, crafters and gatherers will be getting some skills adjusted. More information will be released in the coming days.

When can we expect to see another seasonal dungeon like the one introduced during the recent All Saints’ Wake?
More seasonal events that use existing content like the Halloween event is being planned.

What changes are happening to Enochian?
Things are not finalized yet, but Enochian is going to become a persistent effect. Further information about what changes will happen to classes will be released before the launch of Stormblood.

Is there a particular piece of content that you think players will overlook while playing Stormblood?
The quests through Stormblood should give players access to everything. That said, there are places in the new Kugane region that players can climb to explore.

Are there any plans to add tier sets to raiding gear?
It could be interesting to see complete sets of equipment offer additional bonuses. It’s something the team will consider.

Will we be seeing more lore details of lesser-represented cultures such as the Duskwights in Stormblood?
It can’t be said that cultures that already exist in Eorzea won’t be represented, but there is the potential of a certain NPC in-game to play a major role in Stormblood’s story. In order to further expand on the lore, however, maybe a second lore book will be written.

Will we be seeing display cases for armor and weapons in player housing?
This was a topic of conversation that came up in Japan, and it’s confirmed that this is something that will come in the 4.x series of updates.

With the advent of diving and swimming, will there be a Diving Log similar to the Exploration Log?
It can’t be confirmed if this is something that is coming, but the possibility of this feature is there so long as players don’t find them too difficult.

Will we be seeing more difficult content in the game?
Striking the balance between challenging content and content that’s easily cleared has been an admitted challenge. That said, there will be content that is intended to be harder. Just don’t complain if it’s too hard.

The panel closed out with the announcement that the North American Data Center servers will be relocated to a new location with improved server tech. The change in data center is scheduled to happen sometime in the middle of May, with more details to be specified later.

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