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Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals 2017 Recap and Analysis

UT Arlington returned to Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals as the favorites this year, undefeated throughout the competition. LSU lost to UT Arlington earlier in the competition, but were confident going into this match that they were better than where they started earlier this year. The match up would take place as a best of five series, starting on Battlefield of Eternity.


LSU vs. UT Arlington Game 1: Battlefield of Eternity

UTA started the draft by banning Arthas and Valla  before taking Tassadar, ETC, Lucio, Ragnaros, and Tracer.

LSU banned Malfurion and Valla, letting through Tassadar before taking Lunara, Muradin, Illidan, Tyrael, and Auriel.

Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals


The Tracer and Tassadar pick for UTA essentially put the success of the team in capable hands of Kure on Tracer.

Early game started with UTA securing a triple kill against LSU during the first immortal fight, forcing the remaining two players to split to the lanes to soak until LSU’s team could respawn. UTA easily traded for the immortal and were able to get the first fort in the bottom lane, which gave them an early lead in experience. Above by a talent tier, they aggressively took the top wall knowing they could not be contested.

By the time the second immortal phase had begun, UTA was already ahead by a level and a half, but a misplay by the UTA Ragnaros allowed LSU to trade successfully into with a double kill, which put them back into the fight. Despite the victory in the team fight, LSU was unable to secure the immortal and the subsequent push cost LSU their first keep at the nine-minute mark.

Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals


Down a talent tier, LSU took a successful team fight against UTA that combined Crystal Aegis and Sanctification to save their team. LSU tried to repeat that feat under UTA’s immortal, but it led to three death’s on the LSU side, which UTA road to a one-hundred-percent shielded immortal that secured the victory. UT Arlington moved up 1-0.

Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals


Analyst Comment: Despite having the team that would have been stronger for racing the immortal, LSU was unable to secure a single one, which began the snowballing nature of the map. The last pick of Tracer on this map allowed UTA to easily track down straggling heroes and burst tanks early on as she has her Heroic ability from level one. LSU ended up so far behind that they were unable to capitalize on their victories, but they did show signs of life during this match.


UT Arlington vs. LSU Game 2: Infernal Shrines

LSU started the draft by banning out ETC and Ragnaros before taking Arthas, Greymane, Rehgar, Anub’arak, and Lunara

UT Arlington responded by banning Tassadar and Tyrael before taking Malfurion, Muradin, Falstad, Leoric, and Kael’thas.

Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals


Lockdown from the first two UTA picks forced LSU to prioritize a cleanse, but the amount of engage from LSU will give them the opportunity to out damage the single support on UT Arlington’s side. In the end, both drafts had an element of engage, disengage, and pick/counter pick that made it a very even match going in.

The match opened with a slight experience lead by UTA that allowed them to contest the first shrine a little ahead of LSU, and Arthas was unable to endure the damage from Kael’thas as he was taken down twice in the first three minutes of the match. These losses resulted in an early first punisher going to UTA.

This momentum continued as UTA secured LSU’s bottom fort for free, though LSU tried to make a quick play for the second shrine, which failed as UTA gained level ten in the middle of the fight. In the midgame, LSU completed a successful invasion on the bottom camp that put LSU back into the match, though they were unable to secure the third punisher.

Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals


Following the push with the punisher in the bottom lane, UTA easily picked off an out of position Lunara with an Entomb/Hinterlands Blast combo and LSU lost their bottom keep. Caught out a second time, the LSU Lunara died and led to a triple kill for UT Arlington, which pushed them up by two levels, a talent tier, and then allowed them to take a second keep.

In a final attempt to make something happen, LSU pushed into the fourth shrine in the top lane and got destroyed in a two-for-five trade. The ensuing team fight kept LSU from being able to back to save their core from catapults and UT Arlington moved up 2-0.

Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals


Analyst Comment: The focus of UT Arlington on errant members of LSU’s team kept them in a position to constantly be ahead in every fight. The LSU Lunara got caught by Leoric’s entomb three times and was not able to trade effectively; Leaping Strike would have saved her and kept the team fights going on for longer. The rest of LSU seemed frazzled as they spread chain bomb, stopped moving in phoenix and other AoE abilities, and generally made life harder on themselves by freezing up mid team fight.


UT Arlington vs. LSU Game 3: Tomb of the Spider Queen

LSU started by banning Arthas and Kael’thas before drafting Malfurion, Leoric, Greymane, Johanna, and Chromie.

UT Arlington responded by banning Tassadar and Muradin before drafting ETC, Rehgar, Gul’dan, Lunara, and Ragnaros.

Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals


LSU looked to capitalize on the lack of dive from UT Arlington by drafting Chromie for poke with swift follow up with Greymane for kills. It would come down to their ability to coordinate kills against UT Arlington.

Early game started with a traditional rotation between the lanes for both LSU and UTA with both teams posturing and looking to catch the other out during movement through the turn-in zones. This was a marked increase over the way that UC Irvine was dealing with UTA in the earlier series.

The first webweaver wave did go over to UT Arlington, but both teams traded two for two in the top lane. The team fight distracted LSU from being able to defend their lanes against the web weavers and pushed UT Arlington about a level ahead.

LSU managed to catch out Kure on Gul’dan and completed their first turn in, preventing a snowballing UT Arlington. Another pick against the UT Arlington Ragnaros gave LSU the opportunity to catch back up, but a bad team fight for LSU resulted in UT Arlington taking back the lead and their second web weaver wave.

Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals


On the tail end of this turn in UTA secured another three kills and all three forts. In desperation, LSU attempted to invade UTA’s bruisers but it resulted in a team wipe after a perfect combination of Ancestral Healing on Ragnaros and a Sulfuras Smash from UTA.

Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals

With the map clear, UTA secured the boss in the top lane before using Molten Core to destroy top keep. They pushed for an end with the boss, webweaver wave, and a full team to back it up.

UT Arlington concludes the series as the 2017 Heroes of the Dorm Grand Finals Champions!

Analyst Comment: Though the start of the match started out fairly even, after a series of poorly executed team fights LSU was once again unable to rally or effectively coordinate their team fights to overcome defeat. Better reactions and mechanical play by UT Arlington secured the final series of team fights and -for the second time- used Ragnaros to leverage a pick into a keep and victory.


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