Going After Lazarus: The Final Living Story Episode of Season 3

Flashpoint is the penultimate episode of this season of the Living World and what a ride it has been! Now we’ll finally see who the main villain is in this season. I won’t spoil it for you because this is something you have to experience yourself fully, alone or with friends.

Are you ready for one of the biggest reveals this season?

Taimi has been working on her experiment with dragon magic, using the heart of Omadd’s machine to rebuild it into something she could use to pit the dragons against each other. She uses dragon minions and it surprised me that there is one empty container; the minion of the deep sea dragon Steve Bubbles is missing. Taimi is interrupted in her experiment when Marjory tells us he’s coming, and Lazarus is right behind her. This confrontation will result in him losing his disguise and we will finally know who he is.

As always, this episode answers some questions, but it raises even more. It seems that Lazarus isn’t the answer we’re looking for. During the whole season we’ve seen the stories of Lazarus, Caudecus (which has ended) and the White Mantle, Primordus, Jormag, and our guild. Braham is still on his hunt for Jormag, and Rytlock was called away to the Black Citadel. There is still so much to see and I’m looking forward to the last episode of the season. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since the first episode.

The Heart Of The Volcano

The new area is called Draconis Mons and it is the heart of the volcano. It’s located above the Ember Bay area and you’ll gain access to it after finishing the first step of the story. The charr have built a submarine to bring you to this area and it has replaced Ember Bay as my favorite map of this season. It’s built up in three layers: the subtropical bottom layer where the water boils (swimming is not advised) by the lava below and rain allows vegetation to grow, the foggy mid level where the clouds gather after enough water evaporated, and the dry upper layer which reminds me of Ember Bay more than anything. The rain of the clouds don’t come here so vegetation is nowhere to be found. Lava streams, hard rocks, and mercenary camps are the only thing that you’ll find there.

Grapple your way through Draconis Mons with the help of the oakhearts

The mastery of this map gives you the ability to become spiderman (or -woman). The green oakheart’s essences give you three charges of vines which you can shoot at any kind of terrain, even walls and ceilings. Once you select your target area, the vine will pull you towards that location. The nodes are scattered throughout the map and can be found on hard to reach places, like the wall. Just walk by and you’ll gain your three charges. Deploy your glider mid-air to float to new and hard to reach places. Note that using this mastery for movement will replace your weapon skills.

In the area you’ll also find thermal tubes and updrafts. These will help you cover major ground in a short period of time. Gliding will allow you to explore the smaller islands in the boiling water. Remember, that water will hurt you. The environment is a real danger here, just like that of the Maguuma Jungle.

The mercenaries are hired by the false Lazarus, who the Inquest are now allied with. By stealing Taimi’s machine, the Inquest, always interested in any kind of research on the dragons, is offered the deal of a lifetime by the false Lazarus.

Epic Looks

Another highlight of this patch is the legendary armor. The three sets can be obtained by playing the raids. No other method of acquisition is available at this moment. You can preview the armor sets in the wardrobe when you’re near a bank. The downside of doing this you will see the passive armor. In the introduction video the heavy armor was showcased with gorgeous blades springing to life. This only happens when you’re using your skills. The preview of the armor is the passive version without the legendary effects.

The heavy armor has parts of the metal armor that change the appearance to a broader and more frightening version. The medium armor grows, as the bones and skin of your enemies are added, like a puffer fish. That’s when the trenchcoat appears. The light armor has crystals that activate on skill use. Of the three armors, the light armor is the least impressive when it comes to activated effects, but it’s still beautifully crafted.

The perfect torch to light the way in darkness

The armors aren’t the only legendaries added in this patch. There is also a legendary torch, Flames of War, which resembles a giant candelabra. There are already torches in the game with candles on them, but this one really takes the cake. When you finished it, a silhouette of Balthazar appears between the candles. Your footsteps will show a hexagram with red electric pulses in the same shape as on the top of the torch, it will also cover your arm. The light of the torch is a bright red. Of the two legendaries, I still favor Rodgort, but I can see that this one will fit another theme.

Overall, this episode is another one of high quality. Taimi’s voice acting is superb, but some of the lines (I played a human druid) just didn’t make much sense to me. “Tree things”? I thought that at least a ranger would know what it is. A druid even more so. Besides this odd line, most of the writing is excellent. The map is wonderful and very well balanced. The three layers are all very different, but it makes sense how they fit together.

After this, there will be one more episode in season three of the living world.

What do you think? Will the next major release be the expansion or will they do another season? Please keep the comments spoiler free so we can all enjoy this episode to the fullest!

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