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The SKIES is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG with a non-linear storyline, where you create your own game reality and choose your role in it. This game is not really a MMORPG in the proper sense of the word. In our innovative project storyline isn’t linear, it’s up to a player to create own game reality and decide on proper role in it.

The SKIES Key Features:

  • Huge gameworld – 8 square kilometers at start. It is full of mystery places. Post apocalyptic atmosphere achieved with the help of amazing art, 3D models and animations won’t leave cold anybody.
  • A complicated multi-level economic system which entirely depends on players’ actions – In this world production and profit-making is totally different from the threadbare games players are used to, these systems are more convenient for a player and at the same time they make the game world richer and more captivating. Do you want to get resources or produce materials? Manage your own business or work at the factory? You can start your own production, hire people and manage them, hand out wages. You’re free to do anything you like.
  • Expanded interesting dialogues based on the game role system and non-linear storyline – If you character’s intellectual abilities are not well-developed, some options would be unavailable for you. So you character should watch his actions and words to have positive attitude of other characters. If you have bad reputation, people won’t trust you.
  • PVP and TVT combats – Post-apocalyptic world can be really dangerous. Wanna improve your fighting abilities? You can take part in group fighting (team vs team) or fight player vs player in special locations.
  • Clan wars – Wanna dominate in the SKIES world? Take part in the clan wars to win and build your own government on the ruins of post-apocalyptic place.

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