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Moving Hazard Moving Hazard Moving Hazard Moving Hazard Moving Hazard Moving Hazard

Moving Hazard

Moving Hazard is a team based, competitive first person action shooter from IllFonic and Psyop Games. Enter the post apocalyptic world of Moving Hazard, but be prepared to fight for your life; fifty years have passed since the zombie apocalypse. The remaining human societies fight for control of the scarce remaining resources by using weaponized zombies against one another; that’s right, you not only must fight the zombies, but use them. In Moving Hazard, the zombies are not simply shambling meaty targets to be killed, but a part of the battleground, a resource that players can manipulate and use against their enemies. In Moving Hazard, every zombie is your weapon… are you ready to use them?

Moving Hazard Game Features

Realistic Weapons – In addition to the usual staples of FPS games like grenades and submachineguns, players in Moving Hazard can take advantage of a wide array of gear to control zombies! Control, direct, and move the zombies; they’re the key to victory! Attract, repel, booby trap them; they’re the ultimate disposable asset.

Chaotic, Fast Paced Combat – In addition to fighting the enemy team, you have to watch out for roaming zombies who want nothing better than to make your character their next meal.

Many Modes – Players in Moving Hazard can choose one of many classes, and then customize their loadout to suit their playstyle and objectives. Play through an exciting single player campaign mode, or compete in numerous types of multiplayer matches. Characters and hideouts can be customized and upgraded further by the use of experience points earned during gameplay!

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